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Foods that will keep you young.
Do you know this friend who is always stunning? It's probably because of the special menu she chooses to eat.
In this article we will present foods that are anti-aging and will make you smooth and young.
It is important for us all to look young and beautiful. 
Did you know that the food we eat affects our appearance very much? 
Here's a list of all the foods that will make you look younger. 
Healthy and tasty food!

Olive Oil
Olive oil is excellent perfect against anti-aging. It is responsible for young facial skin, reduces saturated fat and contains plenty of antioxidants that make the skin a young and healthy. You can eat olive oil from our various recipes of sandwiches, salads and plenty of recipes.

Walnuts are a perfect anti aging food. They are rich in omega-3 fatty acids.
You can eat walnuts as a snack or as an addition to salad, yogurt and pop-up recipes. Be sure to eat at most a handful of walnuts without salt at a time, in order to maintain caloric intake.

The blueberries contain the highest amount of antioxidants available, and antioxidants stop the formation of free radicals in their bodies, which have a significant cause in the aging process.

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