Maple Walnut Muffins

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1 dozen

Prep Time


Cook Time



2 cups: all-purpose flour

1 tablespoon: baking powder

1 teaspoon: salt

1/2 cup: butter, softened

1/2 cup: packed brown sugar

1/2 cup: real maple syrup

2: eggs

3/4 cup: milk

1/2 cup: chopped walnuts


Preheat oven to 375 degrees F (190 degrees C). Line muffin pan with paper baking cups.

Sift the flour, baking powder, and salt together and set aside.

Cream the butter and sugar together until light and fluffy. Stir in the maple syrup and the eggs and beat until well blended. Add the flour mixture alternately with the milk and beat until well blended. Stir in the walnuts. Spoon the batter into the muffin tins filling each about 3/4 full.

Bake at 375 degrees F (190 degrees C) for 20 minutes or until toothpick inserted in center comes out clean. Remove to wire rack to cool completely.


Calories: 265 kcal

Carbohydrates: 35.5 g

Cholesterol: 57 mg

Fat: 12.2 g

Fiber: 0.9 g

Protein: 4.5 g

Sodium: 392 mg

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