The Worlds Most Expensive Ice Cream

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The most expensive ice cream in the whole world!

There are a lot of expensive restaurants in New York,
but this time – New York city has just gone too far! 
A restaurant in the city of New York announced that,
They are selling an ice cream at the price of 25,000$.
This ice cream is considered as the most expensive dessert,
according to Guiness records.

The ice cream includes the following ingredients:
-The ice cream does include 28 Different types Cocoa beans, 
14 of them are considered as the most expensive and uncommon cocoa beans. 
-La Madeline au truffle – is a very expensive truffle chocolate which includes Truffle Oil. Truffle Oil is about 5,000$ for 1KG. 
-5 grams of gold, 23 krat that is eatable 
-This ice cream is filled with whipped cream and gold leafs. 

The ice cream is being eaten with a spoon made of gold, chocolate colored crystals and white crystals. It is able to take the spoon home after eating the ice cream. 

The restaurant has said that: 
“It took to us a lot of time in order to try all of the ingredients, to choose the best ingredients, the right ingredients and the mix of all of them. In order to have the most expensive that tastiest ice cream in the whole world”

In case of you have a lot of money and you are rich, you are welcome to try this ice cream at serendipity 3. But you have to make a reservation before you are coming to the restaurant! 

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