Slow-Cooker Chicken Tortilla Soup

"This tortilla soup tastes better than anything you can get at a restaurant. And it's healthy too! Don'...


"Drop cookies with raisins, walnuts, and spices." ...

Tasty Tuna Steak

"Did a jasmine rice with this. Tossed 1 chopped onion in the water and with half a cube of fish stock i...

Standard Greek Salad

"Salads in Greece don't actually have any lettuce in them, and neither does this salad. It also doesn't...

Erin's Pico de Gallo

"This is by far the best pico I have ever had. Fresh cilantro and sweetened lime juice are key to makin...


  • Tangy Turmeric Chicken Wraps

    "Simple and quick grilled chicken with a delicious sauce and fresh vegetables in a pita or naan wrap! This recipe is a great base for your own wrap ideas. Play with the ingredient level - maybe you'd like it spicier, saltier or more tangy!"


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